Afro Bloggers Account Take Over Experience

I couldn’t believe it when I received the message from Afro Bloggers asking me to be their guest for their ‘Sunday Account Take Over’. So without even thinking twice about it, I said yes! It was such an honour to be recognized for the work I do on my fairly new blog and I knew instantly what I desired to engage the community about, and boy did they come to the party!

I planned my topics for the day around the issues that I wanted to discuss. First of all, I saw this as a great platform to engage fellow bloggers on issues that I have been struggling with on my blog and they were able to give great insight into my issues. I’m always asking myself these questions: ‘Does my content resonate with the people that follow my work?’, ‘Should I be more niche?’, ‘Do I want to be more niche?’, ‘Is tackling an array of issues not confusing?’, ‘How can I get my blog out there a lot more?’, so I really looked forward to hearing other bloggers’ views and experiences.

Leading up to the Sunday, I was really planning to turn the day into a self-promotion fest. I already had permission from the Account Managers because in a way hosting the ‘Sunday Account Take Over’ is also about putting yourself and your blog out there. Then my plan changed the night before the ‘Sunday Account Take Over’.

On Saturday night I was MC’ing a Women’s event in Johannesburg and I after the event I was reflecting on how currently, I am experiencing growth in being booked by brands to MC their Women, Youth, Business and Innovation events. It hit me that the shift for me happened when I approached every client with an attitude of ‘how can I make your life easier?’ and ‘how can I help you?’ This changed the kind of conversations I started having about partnering with people for their events as an MC. I realised that when I approached situations as a giver and not a taker, I always walked away with more. It’s a spiritual principle. Clients who felt that I work with them out of a desire to assist with their goals and not just there to invoice them only and go, end up wanting to work with me more in the future and also refer my services to others.

The point that I am trying to make is that I believe that last Sunday was highly engaging for me because of my approach to the Sunday account take over. In the very first post when I asked people to let me know where they are from and also to drop their blog links in the reply, I didn’t just leave it there, I went further and started reading 1 or 2 posts from the links that we posted by bloggers. I couldn’t get to everyone’s blogs as the conversation intensified but I made sure that I drop my views about their blogs and ask questions where I had questions. What came out of that exercise was that I got to connect to with Writers of amazing content and that really shaped how we interacted throughout the day.

Before I knew it, it was time to say to say goodbye and I was okay with not pushing any of my agenda (there is nothing wrong with future guests self-promoting), I am simply saying that I got a lot of value from my time as a guest on the ‘Sunday Account Take Over’ because I genuinely wanted to understand what it was that I could do for the Afro Bloggers community.

Thank you for the experience Afro Bloggers, I’m grateful for the connections I made.

3 thoughts on “Afro Bloggers Account Take Over Experience

  1. Thank you for this retrospective outlook on your Afrobloggers account takeover. I think one of the questions most bloggers ask is how to grow an engaging readership on your blog or any other social media and I think you have captured its essence in that its in your attitude in how you interact first that sets the tone; whether you want people to click your blog simply for the stats to go up or you are really trying to help.
    Great Hindsight


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